Goal and functioning

The multiRBSubmit binary aims at submitting jobs to several Resource Brokers in a round-robin way. Used RBs are listed in the $MOTEUR/lcg/RBused.txt file. When it is invoked, multiRBSubmit takes a semaphore on the RBused.txt file and submits the job to the first RB in the list. The used RB is then moved to the end of the list. Corresponding RB configuration files are located in the $MOTEUR/lcg/RBused.txt directory. multiRBSubmit is specific to the LCG grid.

Running it

To submit a job with it, just run multiRBSubmit -j file.jdl, where file.jdl is the name of the jdl file to submit.


multiRBSubmit depends on libGrid to use semaphores.