Moteur Guidelines

First steps

  1. Load and install the self-contained jar archive of MOTEUR:
  2. Launch Moteur : java -jar moteur2-0.9.7-100506.jar (You need java 1.6)
  3. Load this workflow (see later for other worflow examples) : Menu file, Load workflow
  4. Edit data set : menu execution, edit input data, right click, new data item, write c1, …
  5. Simulate the workflow execution : menu execution, simulate then right click on the workflow and see the expected computation
  6. Execute the workflow : menu execution, execute then right click on the workflow and see the result
  7. For more information and workflow modifying : see at the documentation

Try again with other workflows to understand the different operators of data composition.

After executing a workflow, you can need to stop its execution (menu execution) or ask to re-edit the workflow to access its configuration (menu edit)

Workflow examples

Web services

  1. Use Netbeans :
  2. create a web container
  3. use your web service in Moteur
  • Take care the output must be named return