Data transfers service


This service aims at transferring a file from the grid to the host where it is running. It takes as input a string, which represents the lfn of the data to transfer and returns the absolute path of the downloaded file.

Implementation and usage

The data transfers service must be compiled separately from the main MOTEUR build. It is located in the $MOTEUR/data_transfers directory. It is based on the gSOAP implementation of the Web-Services standard.

To compile it, set the GSOAP environment variable to your gSOAP installation path and just type “make” in the data transfers directory.

The corresponding WSDL file is published at As you could see on the last lines of this document, the location of the service is assumed to be localhost:19000. To properly run the data transfers server, you thus should run it on the 19000 port of the host running MOTEUR (just type data_transfers_server 19000 on this host). You could of course modify the WSDL file and specify another running host and port for the service. However, remember that this service will transfer the files to its local host.

This service can be used to transfer files either from EGEE or from a Grid'5000 cluster and may be run either from a User Interface/frontale or from a distant host. It is configured by the conf/grid.conf file.


An example of a workflow including this service is the helloFile.xml one, with the input file inputsHello.xml (in the sample/GRID directory).