MDM: Medical Data Management

The Medical Data Manager (MDM) is an interface between DICOM compliant storage and the gLite middleware. It aims at (i) providing access to medical data sources for computing without interfering with clinical practice, (ii) ensuring transparency so that accessing medical data does not require any specific user intervention, and (iii) ensuring a high data protection level to preserve patients privacy.

This service is exploiting the DICOM standard for medical image transfers on the clinical side and the Storage Resource Management (SRM) on grids. It bridges these two standards by translating on the fly grid file read accesses into DICOM transactions. It benefits from the EGEE middleware capability to manage distributed files, thus enabling the federation of many DICOM servers geographically distributed and it provides a unified view of the data archived. It exploits state of the art encryption and fine grain ACL-based mechanisms to ensure both data protection and access control.

The video from EGEE User Forum 4 at Catania (March 3rd 2009) :

Reference publications

  • Johan Montagnat, Ákos Frohner, Daniel Jouvenot, Christophe Pera, Peter Kunszt, Birger Koblitz, Nuno Santos, Charles Loomis, Romain Texier, Diane Lingrand, Patrick Guio, Ricardo Brito Da Rocha, Antonio Sobreira de Almeida, Zoltán Farkas. “A Secure Grid Medical Data Manager Interfaced to the gLite Middleware” in Journal of Grid Computing (JGC), 6 (1), pages 45–59, Kluwer, march 2008


  • May 26th 2009 : release of a new stable version. The MDM manages DICOM image and 3D images.
  • March 2009: Demonstration of the MDM at the EGEE User Forum 4, in Catania (Italy)
  • November 25-27th 2008: Demonstration at the ICT 2008 conference
  • November 2008: The HOPE project includes some MDM components
  • September 22-26th 2008: Demonstration of the MDM at the EGEE'08 conference
  • April 2008 : Installation of the MDM at the AMC hospital

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The MDM runs on top of the gLite middleware stack on Scientific Linux. After the installation, you have to configure the MDM.

The MDM used standard glite middleware. Hence, any gLite 3.1 User Interface can be used as a client. But the specific client is recommended: it provided an easy access to the medical data and metadata. The user may need to configure some files to access to all the components of the MDM. See client configuration for more information.



All the versions of the Medical Data Manager are available. But you should read the installation procedure before downloading the packages.