Installation of the MDM

How to install the Medical Data Manager

The Medical Data manager is part of the EGEE project. All servers of the EGEE project need to have a certified host certificate. If not already done, you first need to request for a valid certificate to your certification authority using the standard procedure.
The Medical Data Manager can be installed on a single server. Its services can be deployed on multiple servers though to lower the load in case of intensive use. The operating system of the server(s) must be an SL4/SLC4.
The MDM will be installed by yum. First, we add some yum repositories to allow the gLite and the MDM RPMs to be downloaded. Then, we the yum command is used to install all the needed rpm. After the installation, the MDM needs to be configured for your side following this procedure.

Configuration of yum

You need to add some repositories to the yum configuration. This repositories contain the MDM components and other gLite components. Create the two following files in the /etc/yum.repos.d/ directory:
the /etc/yum.repos.d/MDM.repo file and the /etc/yum.repos.d/gLite-CERN.repo file. The files are available at this url :


Refresh the yum database:

 yum clean metadata

Install the MDM :

 yum install MDM-metapackage

The yum command may show more than one page of software to install. Yum asks you to validate this list with the “Y” key.
Yum then downloads all necessary packages, make some tests, and install the MDM. This operation can take several minutes.
The Yum software is very verbose. It usually writes more then 1700 lines.

Missing Dependency

If some dependencies are missing, you should check for a package with the same name. If it exists, you should remove it and all its dependencies.
For example:

  # yum install MDM-metapackage \\
  [ ... Yum output ... ]  \\
  Error: Missing Dependency: jdk = 2000:1.5.0_16-fcs is needed by package MDM-metapackage \\
  # rpm -q jdk \\
  jdk-1.5.0_16-fcs \\
  # rpm -e jdk log4j-1.2.14-3jpp.noarch glite-security-trustmanager-1.8.16-1.noarch bouncycastle-jdk1.5-1.37-5jpp.noarch glite-rgma-stubs-servlet-java-5.0.10-2.noarch glite-UI-3.1.22-0.i386 bouncycastle-1.37-5jpp.noarch glite-security-util-java-1.4.0-1.noarch\\

If the missing packages are not installed, you should edit some flags in the yum configuration. For each file in /etc/yum.repos.d/ (except the MDM.repo and gLite-CERN.repo files), you need to edit the flags “enabled=1” to “enabled=0”. After the installation, you can revert this modification.


When the installation is done, you should go to the the configuration of the MDM.