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Available positions

Feel free to contact us for more information on the topics below. Note that the topics are not 100% fixed. We are always open for suggestions and are willing to tailor a proposal that matches your particular interests/background.


A Self-Adaptive and Model-Based Monitoring Framework for SOA (2009)
Thesis supervisor: Philippe Collet & Johan Montagnat (UNS/MODALIS)

Model-Driven Analysis of Workflow Adaptations (2009)
Thesis supervisor: Mireille Blay-Fornarino (UNS/MODALIS)

Software Product Lines Engineering in the domain of Naval Defence Systems (2009) - closed
Thesis supervisor: Philippe Lahire (UNS/MODALIS)

Building Domain-Specific Frameworks for Models Off The Shelf (2009)
Thesis supervisor: Philippe Lahire (UNS/MODALIS) (currently there is no grant attached to this subject)

For french students : How to apply to "allocation ministérielle"?



Trainings (master, ...)