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@neurist - NeuroLOG workshop


  • 10:00 Introduction of the day: C. Barillot (slides)
  • 10:20 Summary of the projects and overall set up of the platform
    • Neurolog: J. Montagnat (slides)
    • @Neurist: Gerhard Engelbrecht (slides)
  • 11:00 Databases mediation
    • Neurolog: F. Michel (slides)
    • @Neurist: Siegfried Benkner (slides)
  • 12:15 Lunch
  • 13:30 Semantic modeling of data
    • Neurolog: Bernard Gibaud, G. Kassel (slides)
    • @Neurist: Martin Boeker (20')
  • 14:30 Tools and clients
    • Neurolog: A. Gaignard, J. Montagnat (slides)
    • @Neurist Jesús Bisbal, Gerhard Engelbrecht (slides)
    • discussion (30')
  • 15:30 Applications
    • Neurolog: M. Dojat (slides)
    • @neurist: Christian Ebeling? (15')
    • discussion (30')
  • 16:30 Discussions and wrap up
  • 17:30 Meeting closed



May 18, 2010. 10am - 5:30pm.


Paris center (13th district), Hospital Pitié Salpétrière (91 boulevard de l'Hôpital, room 120). The closest metro station is “Saint Marcel” on line 5. A street view of the building and travel instructions are available here.


The agenda is organized as 5 sessions covering the common topics addressed by both projects. For each topic, a presentation of the work accomplished within each project (15 minutes each) followed by a discussion (30 minutes) is proposed.

The objectives are to identify common interests, share experience and compare approaches adopted.

If you need accomodation

The meeting venue is in Paris center and easily accessible from any place: your favorite hotel in Paris will do. If you are looking for a nearby accommodation, the Hotel Copyel is affordable and conveniently located from the venue place (5 minutes walk). This said, many other alternatives are available nearby.