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@neurist - NeuroLOG workshop


May 18, 2010. 10am - 5:30pm.


Paris center (13th district), Hospital Pitié Salpétrière (91 boulevard de l'Hôpital, room 120). The closest metro station is “Saint Marcel” on line 5. A street view of the building and travel instructions are available here.


The agenda is organized as 5 sessions covering the common topics addressed by both projects. For each topic, a presentation of the work accomplished within each project (15 minutes each) followed by a discussion (30 minutes) is proposed.

The objectives are to identify common interests, share experience and compare approaches adopted.

Draft agenda

  • 10:00 Introduction of the day: C. Barillot (slides)
  • 10:20 Summary of the projects and overall set up of the platform
    • Neurolog: J. Montagnat (slides)
    • @Neurist: Gerhard Engelbrecht (slides)
  • 11:00 Databases mediation
    • Neurolog: F. Michel (slides)
    • @Neurist: Siegfried Benkner (30')
    • discussion (30')
  • 12:15 Lunch
  • 13:30 Semantic modeling of data
    • Neurolog: Bernard Gibaud, G. Kassel (15')
    • @Neurist: Martin Boeker (20')
    • discussion (25')
  • 14:30 Tools and clients
    • Neurolog: A. Gaignard, J. Montagnat (15')
    • @Neurist C. Ebeling ? (15')
    • discussion (30')
  • 15:30 Applications
    • Neurolog: M. Dojat (15')
    • @neurist: Christian Ebeling (15')
    • discussion (30')
  • 16:30 Discussions and wrap up
  • 17:30 Meeting closed

If you need accomodation

The meeting venue is in Paris center and easily accessible from any place: your favorite hotel in Paris will do. If you are looking for a nearby accommodation, the Hotel Copyel is affordable and conveniently located from the venue place (5 minutes walk). This said, many other alternatives are available nearby.